Five Tips To Recognize Foundation Problems In New York Homes

Serious structural problems in homes are not very common, but when they do occur, they can be difficult and expensive to repair. These tips won't make you a home inspector, but they will give you some of the most common signs of structural problems. In these cases, a professional foundation repair contractor should be called in for further investigation and guidance.

Tip 1: crooked house
Take a macro look at the house across the way - is the house clearly sloping or leaning, or is it separating at one end of the house?

Tip 2: exterior walls and doorways
Look for areas more than an inch from the wall. Check the fireplace and chimney area - is the fireplace or chimney separating from the house?

Tip 3 - doors and windows
Do the doors and windows open freely or are they jamming a lot. Look for cracks in the edges of windows and doors and loose mortar in brick houses.

Tip 4: floors and walls
Are there cracks in the drywall or plaster? Are there uneven or bouncy floors near the corners?

Tip 5: crack at the base of the basement
Look for large cracks on the inside and outside of the property's base, especially near the corners, around windows, and for cracks that run vertically along the entire length or horizontally along a considerable length.

Any of these points may indicate a structural problem that should be inspected or verified by a construction expert.

Structural problems when selling or buying a home are the most expensive things you can deal with. Foundation, basement, and crawl space issues can in many ways diminish the value of the home.

Examine these areas carefully or ask your home inspector to focus on these areas on a separate home tour. If you are unsure about something you see, ask a construction contractor to look it up for you. The cost of an inspection is worth the safety, knowing the severity and scope of the problem.

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